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Barqawi Foundation to organize exhibitions and conferences
The Foundation Barqawi is a national institution in Jordan specialized exhibitions and conferences of local, regional and international experience extends to 1994, a Jordanian company registered in the Ministry of Industry and Commerce under number 158 945 and the Amman Chamber of Commerce under the number 155953 / 8.

The Foundation is operating through the functional staff qualified and internationally accredited coach training at a higher level, and worked over the years-old in organizing international exhibitions and local communities that have received full praise by the institutions and bodies that participated.

And reflect the Foundation Barqawi of the leading institutions in organizing international exhibitions, where it has experience of many in the organization of exhibitions outside the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan, which is an exclusive agent for a number of organizations, bodies and companies and institutions in the organization of work and setting up conferences and exhibitions, in addition to being accredited by those bodies in the area information support and areas of promotion and marketing.

Exhibitions and conferences:
Harmony expo 18 / 19 / 4 / 2011
Le royal hotel

Have been developed institution Barqawi for the organization of exhibitions and conferences, to organize fairs and markets for local and international quality inside and outside the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan, and to organize the participation of institutions and companies and Arab opposition and international markets for Foreign Affairs and to take necessary actions in this and suggest the formation of these shows for this purpose, in addition to the organization of fairs and markets for Jordanian products abroad and contribute to coordination and with the public authorities that organize exhibitions and international markets within and outside the country, and supervision of the fairs and markets held by the public and private sectors in the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan and beyond.

Has set goals of the institution in the context of what is happening where and what the institution of the services provide the local markets and their need for Arab and international services, exhibitions and conferences.


The Foundation is working through the vision of the need for local markets and Arabic services marketing, holding exhibitions and conferences, a vision based on the basis of dealing with all the credibility and transparency as that of the most important bases the foundation's vision of leadership and excellence in service training and development in various areas to upgrade all levels to international standards so that they become the ranks of specialized institutions of excellence in the service regionally and globally for the advancement of the system technical specifications of high quality.

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